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Giving Back to Texas

Addiction Mitigation, Treatment & Recovery

We support San Antonio area individuals, families, agencies and organizations that are working on the mitigation, treatment and/or recovery of addictive substances and behaviors.

​Addiction is a worldwide epidemic.  It is estimated that in the United States alone, in excess of 28,000,000 individuals struggle with addiction.  The ever-growing negative outcomes it produces on society, families and in the lives of individual addicts indicate that there are significant gaps between what is being done and what is needed.

A major influence in choosing to support this effort is our personal contact with this disease.  We have been a personal witness of the impacts of substance abuse and other addictive influences and its accompanying pain; as we have witnessed members of our immediate and extended either become permanently disabled  or lose their life from from the use of opioids.  Additionally, several members of our team have conducted extensive research regarding the interdiction, mitigation, treatment and recovery of illicit drugs for law enforcement and other first responders. 

Our Self-Funded Research Study

Despite our extensive experience in this area, we still chose to initiate a 4-month self-funded study to determine if we could identify specific gaps that would help us to better focus our efforts.

The following questions were addressed as part of the study:

  • What resources are available to families and communities to assist in the mitigation of substance abuse and other addictive influences?
  • What resources are available to families of addicts to help them understand the disease and guide them through the complex process of helping their addicted loved ones?
  • What state, federal, local, for-profit and non-profit resources are available for the treatment and sustained recovery of addicts?
  • How easily accessible is the information and/or resources to those that may have a need for them?
  • What can we do to enhance mitigation efforts as well as make society's efforts address addiction more effective?

Findings & Recommendations:  

There is no shortage of quality information, 1-800 call in services, guidance, tools or resources that deal with every aspect of addiction.  The problem is not in the amount or the availability of quality information or quality resources/programs, it is in the ability to easily find it.  There are so many for-profit players in the addiction treatment space that pay huge sums to advertise on Google and Bing; that they have squeezed out exceptional non-profit informational products and services. 

I conducted greater than 50 unique term searches related to Drug Abuse awareness, mitigation, recovery and support efforts and often had to search 2 -5 pages deep to find relevant information needed to support our research.  Most individuals do not have that level of patience; even if their loved one is dying.

I have included some recommendations below on things we may consider assisting with or supporting as we move forward.  As of this time, we don’t have the time to pursue all of them; however, to get started we will at a minimum:

  • Offer our Innovation Center to work with San Antonio area individuals, agencies and organizations to establish a plan to pursue and achieve our future mission objectives show below. 
  • Contribute 10% of Buster's Mart Internal profits as well as 4 hours a week per employee to support efforts related to mitigating addiction and/or helping addicts and their families within the San Antonio, Texas area.
  • Provide visibility for our efforts as well as others within the community that are working similar issues on our web-site, social and professional networks.
  • Create an informational venue at the Buster's Mart Artisans and Farmers Market to give awareness to this important issue and invite organizations immersed in the battle periodic space there to feature their solutions.

Future Goals for this Effort

#1 | Establish a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the mission of becoming a leading provider of informational resources in this space.  Mission objectives within this space could include some or all the following:

#2 | Create a Collation Web-Site that provides resources regarding mitigation, education, support and treatment for individuals, families, caretakers and in-take professionals (i.e. – mental health, medical, law enforcement, etc.). 

  • Identify and acquire an innovative name that will draw people to the site.
  • Collect, organize, display and rate existing 1-800 resources, support groups, research materials, databases and web-sites that support our awareness, mitigation and treatment efforts for both Addicts and their Families.
  • Work to achieve #1 rating on Google and Bing with the first three years through:
    • Creating Innovative Content
    • Develop an extremely large network of partners; then have our partners link their web-sites to our site to ensure we have done our part to contribute to the highest rankings possible.
    • Search engine optimization
    • Develop strong alliances through social networks whereby we can distribute internally created content (i.e. – articles, videos and other content) to ensure we are doing our part to contribute to a high ranking.
    • Advocacy with regulators and search engine operators to post more relevant non-profit searches ahead of paid advertisements.
    • Paid Advertising 

#3 | Build a Volunteer Workforce.  This is the area that is most lacking and in need.  There are enough organizations, quality solutions, quality products, etc. available in this space.  Organizations seem to be able to find funding sufficient for their needs.  However, they are not able acquire enough funds to organize and distribute their capabilities to meet the demand that exists within the community, family or individual level.  To be successful in this battle; more warriors need to be involved.  A side benefit of recruiting a large volunteer workforce is in the fund-raising potential that comes with it.  At a minimum, we should set a goal to recruit, train and empower an Army of 10,000 Community Mitigation and Awareness Program (M.A.P.) Volunteers within the San Antonio, Texas area.

  • Use existing community structures (i.e. – COPS, HOA’s, etc.)
  • Highlight importance of recruiting specialized Drug Awareness and Mitigation volunteers
  • Feature:  Resource Center (i.e. – Articles, Instructional Aides, Reports, Videos, etc.)
  • Feature:  Organizations (i.e. – Listing of National, Regional, Local and Community Resources, etc.)
  • Feature:  Community Leader Organizations Instructional Guide

#4 | Identify advocacy opportunities where we can provide greater visibility and assist with fund-raising efforts for those organizations that are doing a really great job in supporting whole person treatment (i.e. - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).  I believe that the following would be excellent early targets to support:

  • The 12 Step Program | The 12 Step program is the only current and best solution for addicts and their families that provides assistance within the framework of Christian based organizations that teaches the central roles of Jesus Christ, His atonement, the roles of repentance and the confirming power of the Holy Ghost as essential components of a full recovery.
  • The Partnership for Drug Free Kids | Supports family struggling with the addiction of their son or daughter.

​Follow Our Progress

We are planning on refining our effort in this area, based on our research on this topic in 2018 and feature information and resources at our Artisan & Farmers Market.  The best way to keep up with the implementation of this cause is to "Like" our Buster's Mart News; located to your left.       

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